Throw back, Gav the BBQ weapon at Serious Carp Socials, look at the colour of this fish ????????
Andrew Radford with a recent chunk! There is something about a great water shot! ????
Matt Hardwick with one wearing its winter colours
Nibbler showing how it’s done at DreamLakes
Simon Mercer with this awesome mirror
My nephews on form again
Matt Hardwick with the Tiger Koi
Matt Carr fishing at Elphick’s
Sue with another cracker from the latest social at Linear
It’s not always about the carp. Nice one Dean Aldridge
Nicks only gone and done it again!!!! Well done mate
Carol with a cracking mirror from DL
My nephew Riley has been out with his Dad today
Tremayne MD of Serious Carp Socials
Darryl Whiteley with a lovely zip lin from Linear
Ian Maudsley with this Abbey Lakes stunner
Cliff Parkin with a lovely common
Greg Caetano fishing the Ebro! Nice one mate
One of five Danny’s had today! Awesome angling mate
Simon Irons in France at the mo....
Sue Ellis with a Serious Carp Socials banger
Gavalar with his 3rd 40 of the week
Mike Street with his new PB
Stacey with a lovely mirror on the first night :-)
Just look at the scales on this one. Well done Matt
Gary with another Kingsmead unit
Ian Duncalf with his PB
Wow. Look at the colours on this one from Adam Jackson
Jock Faulds fishing at Wharf
Ricky Smith with a near 30
Here’s Rob Fleming with another DL unit.
Mark Egan with an awesome common
Stuart Carpenter with a lovely grey mirror.
Perry Alabaster at Elphick’s. Well done that man
Brent Parkinson on form
Mark Egan. One of 3 in the first 24 hours!
Thanks Ricky for such a wicked pic
Simon Oldfield with a Carpscape unit.
Simon with another Embryo lump :-)
Kev King with a 30 :-)
Brent Parkinson fishing at Carpscape
Nick Lee Manager of Lac de Premiere with the new lake record
Lee Bygrave went in this stunning common
Matt Hardwick with an awesome common
Phil with this lovely scaley one
Mick with lake 3’s biggest resident
Jules with the friendly common!
Another Cherpont 50+ unit!
Cherpont delivering the goods again!
A cracking mirror from Matt Hardwick
A Carpscape stunner!!!! Look at the colours!
John Willson with a lovely scaley one
Karl with a Monument 1 unit
Cracking photo from Stuart Kenward
European anglers can also record their catches in KGS
Jonathan Ryder with this Abbey Lakes unit
Weeman had this one 5 mins after setting up
Adie Walter fishing Newdigate Farm
Carol Maudsley with a lovely DL mirror
Gareth Batty with this unit
Nathan Betts with a Canadian river stunner
Liam with a unit from the field testing at Dreamlakes
Dave with another Abbey Lakes unit
Dave Smedley head bailiff at Abbey Lakes
Stuart Barge using the purple logo in the upgraded version of the app
Stuart Barge with an immaculate common
Luke Rees with another Dreamlakes unit :-)
How's that for a grassie!
Check out the belly on this chunk!
Using the green logo available via upgrading the app
Shaun Crow with a lovely common on the Serious Carp Social at Willow Park
Dave Smedley with a near 50 Abbey Lakes common
Adie Walter swim 10 DL2
My first 50 from a few years back
Here's Shaun Crow with a Willow Park beauty
Jules with a massive 70!
Weeman with an absolute stunner
Will at Dreamlakes
Tom after a soaking!